Single-Item Store

From time to time there will be an item featured in this store – every item is unique, limited to one piece and won’t be sold again – so if you like something, you better be quick – “First-come, first-served”.

Info / FAQ

  • If you want to buy an item send me an email.
  • I do accept paypal.
  • Shipping costs will be added on top of the item price and can vary according to the country shipped to.

Ghosting In The Shape – 00

The first product in the store will be this framed print of the image number 00 from the “Ghosting in the Shape” Series I did recently.

The print is a high quality C-print on matte Fuji Archive Paper and was signed by me on the back side. The dimensions are 40 by 50cm and it comes inside a silver aluminium frame. This item won’t be sold again and is limited to one piece.

If you want to purchase click on the buy button and write you details in the email.

  • 40 x 50 cm

  • signed C-Print, inclusive Frame.

  • 130 € (exclusive shipping)