Banque Populaire Entre


In the latest iteration of TVCs for the Banque Populaire campaign, the challenge again was to display human presence and warmth and ingenuity without showing people. We got really excited about the initial brief by the creative team of Agence Babel, to do an assembly line that does not look cold and engineered. So we designed our own version of contemporary DIY heaven unfolding as a self constructed interior universe: conveyor belts and machines that could be made with ready made materials and components found in your local hardware and DIY store, as well as a good ZEITGUISED dose of domestic design elements. It almost broke the bank when the client insisted on some magic to replace some of the quaint mechanisms and to place the entire universe in an even bigger universe, but it all panned out within the event horizon.
Production Company acting as our agent was again Stink Paris.
Agency: Babel Paris
Sound & Music: Michael Fakesch
Additional Modeling:
Apple Tree: Arjo Roozendaal
End Landscape: Michael Tschernjajew (
Juice Truck and Van: Rafael Vicente


I mainly worked on the material shaders, designing some of the objects and did the Compositing.